Plagiarism – WordPress Plugin


The Plagiarism plugin keeps you from being penalized by Google (Panda) for inadvertent duplicate content.

The plugin searches online for phrases in your posts that may duplicate content already on the web (even in different context or on sites you don’t know).

After you save a post or page click the “Check for Duplicate Content” button. Plagiarism will show a list of duplicate phrases.

A link is provided for every problematic phrase, showing its related search results.

You can also use Plagiarism to check for websites scraping your content after it’s published. Just come back to your posts, clear the Plagiarism box results and check again for duplicate content.

Options provided

Several search engines are supported:

  • Google Search (default)
  • Google Blog Search
  • Bing Search
  • Bing Blog Search
  • Yahoo Search

You can also list some excluded websites (e.g. your website itself), to avoid duplicates originating from sources you own (or participate in).

Public and private proxies support is available.


Download the Plagiarism plugin